History – Veterinary Medicine

History - Veterinary Medicine

The Department started in 2008 with late Prof. L. O. Wosu, a contract staff, as Head of Department and sole staff .   In January, 2009  Prof.  M. C. O. Ezeibe  came  on sabbatical . In  2010 Prof.  Adene joined on contract.  In the same year the first set of permanent staff  Dr(Mrs) R.I. O. Nwaoha and late Dr. Adanma Nwaigwe were employed. Prof. A. B  Ogukoya  also came on sabbatical leave that year while Prof. Ezeibe came back as an adjunct staff.

When both Prof. Adene and Prof. Wosu decided to leave in 2011, Dr. L. J.E. Orajaka was invited to take over as second HOD . In that same 2011, three academic staff:  Dr.  E. Y. Tchokote, Dr.  J. B. C. Okonkwo and Dr. E. A.  Adenaike were employed.  In 2013, Prof .  Ezeibe assumed as a permanent staff and as third HOD for the Department. Also in that 2013 Dr(Mrs). M. U. Ememe, Dr(Mrs). I. J. Ogbonna, Dr(Mrs) N.K Okwara and Dr. C. S. Ukwueze were employed as permanent staff while Prof. T. U. Obi came as a contract staff. Prof. C. D. Ezeokoli came on contract in 2014. Dr(Mrs) M. E Sanda has been employed, this 2018, as an Associate Professor . Dr. Orajaka disengaged in 2013 while Prof. Obi and Prof. Ezeokoli disengaged in 2017.

First laboratory technologist of the Department was Mr. Jonathan Ekwuruke who was a contract staff. When he disengaged in 2016 Miss  Chiamaka Alex-Okoroafor , Mr. Chidiebere Nwachukwu and Mrs N. H. Chikezie were sent to replace him but since  June 2017  employment of all the three  lab-technologists has been on suspension and nobody has been sent to act for them. Only Mr. Charles Ugwu, Laboratory Assistant is in the lab presently.

First Secretary of the Department was Mrs. Angela Umesi. She was supported by Mrs. Genevive  Emelogu as Administrative  Assistant and Mrs. Joy Ekpete as office Care-Taker. All the first set of support staff have been transferred and replaced with Mrs. Ebere E. Kalu (Principal Confidential Secretary II), Mrs. Ruth O. Chidozie-Nwankwo (Administrative Assistant) and Mrs. Henrieta  Uzoanya (Care Taker).

At present the Department has eight areas of specialization {Small animal Medicine, Avian Medicine, Ruminants Medicine, Porcine Medicine, Equine/Dromedarius Medicine, Aquatic/Fish Medicine, Zoological and wild life Medicine, Laboratory animal Medicine (experimental Medicine) }. Proposal to introduce the ninth (internal medicine) is receiving attention. The vision is to train  students to be competent in all aspects of veterinary medicine including

Veterinary cardiology,  Veterinary Dentistry, Veterinary Ophthalmology ,  Veterinary  Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT).

In 2015/2016 the Department started post graduate programs (M.Sc and PhD). At present we have ten PG students and they are making very good progress in their studies. Three of them are PhD students and 7 M.Sc students.  Eight of them have delivered their proposal seminars. Three have completed their laboratory works and would soon deliver their final seminars.  All of them have completed their departmental course works and have written all the examinations.