Veterinary Surgery and Radiology

Dr. Rock Odimma Ukaha


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Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology offers courses covering both Veterinary Surgery and Veterinary Radiology at Undergraduate and Post Graduate levels. The Surgery unit concentrates on all aspects of Surgery that include Anaesthesiology, Soft tissue surgery in Small and Large animals and Veterinary Orthopaedics. The Radiology unit is concerned with the use of Radiographs and other Diagnostic Imaging as aids to diagnosis and treatment of animal patients.


The main objectives of the department can be highlighted as follows

1)      To teach students the necessary theoretical framework and clinical skill essential to handle all surgical conditions in small and large animals.

2)      To train students in developing the art and skills of using various diagnostic imaging (Radiography and Ultrasonography) as therapeutic approaches to alleviate animal suffering and enhance their intended use by Man.

Veterinary Surgery and Radiology