Name:                                 DR. UKWUEZE OKWUDILI CELESTINE (DVM, MSc) UNN

Nationality:                         Nigerian

Marital status:                    Married

College                               College of Veterinary Medicine

Department:                       Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology

Present status:                  Lecturer I


Area of Specialisation:       Veterinary Anaesthesia



1.      Chukwu OS and Ukwueze CO (2016The comparative effect of experimental Trypanasomosis Infection and Pantizen treatment on haemataological Profile of albino Rats. IJTDH 13 (4): 1- 9,

2.      Ukwueze CO, Njoku NU and Jeremia KT (2015) A Case of Prolapsed Third Eyelid Gland in a Two Month Old Bull Mastiff. IJMPCR 3(5): 121 -126.  

3.      Ukwueze CO, Ukwueze CS and Nweze EC (2015) Comparative Assessment of the Gastrointestinal Tolerability, Anti- inflammatory and Antipyretic Effects of Diclofenac, Ibuprofen and Nimesulide in White Albino Rats. JAMPS 3(2): 91 -97, 2015.

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6.      Ukwueze CO, Eze CA and Ona JA (2014) Biochemical Effect of Xylazine, Propofol, and Ketamine in West African Dwarf Goat. J.Vet.Med. ID: 758581.

7.      Ukwueze CO, Eze CA and Ogbanya KC (2014) Heamatologic and Clinical Change Assessment in Propofol Anaesthesia in Combination with Xylazine and Ketamine in West African Dwarf goat. Comp.Clin Pathol. 23(4). DOI 10.1007/s00580-014-1991.

8.      OGBANYA KC, EZE CA, NNAJI TO and UKWUEZE CO (2014) Comparative Clinical Assessment of Cotton Hair thread and Silk Suture on Surgically induced skin wounds on New Zealand Rabbits (Oryctolagus Cunnicullus). Animal Res. Int. 11(2): 1964 -1969.

9.      Ukwueze CO, Eze  CA and Udegbunam RI (2014) Assessment of Common Anaesthetic and Clinical Indices of Multimodal Therapy of Propofol, Xylazine and Ketamine in Total Intravenous Anaesthesia in West African Dwarf Goat. J Vet Med. ID: 962560.

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12.  Ukwueze CS, Ukwueze CO and Nweze EC. (2014) Comparative Study on the Toxic Effects of Some Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) in Rats. J Vet Adv. 4(12):

767 – 771.

13.  Eze CA., Ukwueze CO., Ogbanya KC and Ona JA. (2013) Radiographically confirmed orthopaedic cases at the University of Nigeria Teaching hospital. Journal of veterinary and applied sciences. 3 (1): 35 – 48. ISSN: 2315 – 6856.

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