Marital status: Married

Present Status: Lecturer 1

College: Veterinary Medicine

Department/Unit: Veterinary Medicine/Equine



EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION ATTENDED                                      DATE

Ugba Community Primary School, Bende Road, Umuahia                       1975-1980

Girls’ Secondary School Umuahia, Abia State                                           1980-1985

University of Ibadan, Oyo State                                                                  1985-1991

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State                                           2006-2016

           ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION OBTAINED                                        DATE

West African Examination Council                                                                1985

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine                                                                        1991

Certificate in Computer Proficiency,

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria                                                                      2007

Certificate of Recombinant DNA Technology,

Centre for Biotechnology Research and Training,

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria                                                                     2009


Master of Science                                                                                         2011


Doctor of Philosophy                                                                                    2016



1.      Previous experience outside MOUAU

Resident doctor at Mac Veterinary Clinic. Shendam, Plateau State

2.      Work Experience in MOUAU

Lecturer and clinician at Veterinary Teaching Hospital, CVM, MOUAU



 Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association


D.     List of Publications

1.      EmemeM.U.,  Abdullahi, U.S.   Sackey  A.K.B . and Ayo, J. O. (2013).  Effects of Harmattan on Erythrocyte Osmotic Fragility and Malondialdehyde Concentration in Goats Administered with Resveratrol. Nigerian Veterinary Journal, 34(4): 883-889.


2.      EmemeM.U. and Ayo, J. O (2015). Effects of Harmattan on Haematological Parameters in Goats Administered with Resveratrol. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment,   15:1


3.      Ememe,  M.U., Tchokote, E. Y. and Akpuoye, O. C. (2015). Studies on haematological parameters in horses located in Port Harcourt Nigeria.  Merit Research Journal of Biochemistry and Bioinformatics, 3(1) 1-4.


4.      Ememe, M.U., Mshelia, W. P. and Ayo, J. O (2015). Ameliorative Effects of Resveratrol on Oxidative Stress Biomarkers in Horses. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 35: 518–523.


5.      Ememe, M.U., Abdullahi, U.S.  and Sackey A.K.B. (2015). Modulatory Effects of Resveratrol Supplementation on Inflammatory Markers in Ageing and Lame HorsesInternational Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 7(4): 67-72.



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9.      Akpabio, U., Uzuegbu, O.M., Ememe, M.U. and Onyegbula, O. (2015).  Level of compliance with Vaccination or against Rabies among Dog Owners in Umudike and Environs, Abia State Nigeria.  Journal of Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment, 16(1): 101-107.   


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12.  Ememe, M.U. and Ememe C.O. (2017). Benefits of Super Food and Functional Food for Companion Animals. Superfood and Functional Food: An Overview of their Processing and Utilization.  IntechOpen Publisher, London. Chapter 15, Pp 309-323.


13.  Danbirni, S.,  Kaltungo, B., Sulaiman M.M. Ememe, M. U. and Mikail H.G. (2017). Coccidiosis in two 6 month –old Bunaji bull calves in Majeru  village, Zaria L.G.A of Kaduna State. Proceeding of 42nd Annual Conference of Nigerian Society for Animal Production. 26-30th March 2017, Landmark University, Omu Aron.  Pp 723-726.


14.Danbirni S.,   kaltungo B.Y.,  Sulaiman M.M., Ememe M.U., Mikail H.G. and Saidu                    S.N.A. (2017). The use of oxytetracycline in the treatment of coccidiosis in Bunaji bull-   calves in   Zaria local Government area of Kaduna state. Vom Journal of Veterinary      Science Vol.12, 2017: 75 – 79.

15 EmemeM.U.,  O Onyegbula, FC Egwuogu, CU Nlebedum & CC Ogbu (2018). Babesia             caballi infection in a 6-month-old colt. Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences,             16(1):102-106

16. EMEME, M. U., Danbirni, S., Adenaike, E.A., Kaltungo, B.Y.,      Sinkalu, V.O.,Hudu,   M.G., Mohammed, S M., Andsaidu,S.N.A.          (2018) Haemonchosis in a 2-year-old Kano   Brown Nanny-goat – A           case             Report. Vom Journal of Veterinary Science, 13: 52   – 56.


17. Ememe, M.U., Sackey A.K. B.  Ayo, J. O. (2018). Evaluation of resveratrol           supplementation on laboratory animals, cats, pigs, horses, dogs, cattle and birds.             “Resveratrol – Adding life to years, not adding years to life” IntechOpen Publisher,   London (In Press).

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